What’s going on between Alabama and Montrell Custis?

Montrell Custis still has “Bama commit” in his Twitter profile, but all the major recruiting services have removed his name as a Alabama recruit.

The defensive back from Lovejoy High School was one of three commits dropped from Alabama’s unofficial commitment list, along with safety Rico McGraw of Nashville, Tenn., (who is expected to pledge to UGA for a second time before Wednesday).

Nick Saban (AP)

Nick Saban (AP)

Since Custis hasn’t spoken publicly about the situation, what is going on? Is he committed to Alabama or not?

“To be honest with you, right now I’m not sure,” Lovejoy coach Edgar Carson told the AJC late Thursday night. “I know he’s taking other visits, and that’s pretty much all I know right now.

“It’s a big decision for these kids. This is going to be where they are for the next four or five years of their lives, so this is a big decision for them. Right now, he and his family are trying to make the best decision for them.”

There are rumors that Alabama encouraged some commits to look at other options because they had too many commitments. Did anything like that happen between Custis and Alabama?

“They didn’t tell him that and they didn’t tell me that, as far I know,” Carson said. “From the last time I talked to Alabama, he had a committable offer. As far as him no longer listed as a commitment by the media, anything is possible.

“This recruiting game is crazy. It goes down to the wire. They don’t sign until Wednesday. Anything is possible. I’m just glad his options are open, and he’s still visiting places. His eyes are open. He’s got other schools that want him. All the SEC schools are great to me.”

So does Custis consider himself an Alabama commit or not? “We haven’t talked about that,” Carson said. “We just talk about where he’s going to go visit. We talk about those things, and that’s it. We haven’t talked about Alabama since Alabama came to visit.”

When was that Alabama visit? And when was the coach’s last contact with Alabama? “I couldn’t tell you. I’m not sure. I really don’t have a comment on that.”

While what’s going on between Custis and Alabama is a mystery, Custis appears to have other options. His coach said he will likely visit Florida this weekend.

“He was originally committed to Kentucky, and they have offered,” Carson said. “Ole Miss has offered, as well as Florida. He’s in good shape right now. It’s going to all work out.”




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