How badly does Auburn’s Gus Malzahn want to flip UGA 5-star??

How badly does Gus Malzahn want to flip UGA 5-star commit Terry Godwin?

So much that the Auburn football coach spent most of Saturday around Godwin’s home and high school – even though it was the final weekend of recruiting before signing day and Auburn had visitors on campus.

“Yes, Coach Malzahn was here on Saturday, and it went really well,” Godwin’s mother, Olivia Godwin, told the AJC. “He came to the house earlier that day, then he came back to Terry’s basketball game later that afternoon.”

5-star WR Terry Godwin (AJC)

5-star WR Terry Godwin (AJC)

And what was Malzahn’s sales pitch? “They told him obviously that Auburn is closer to home,” she said. “And there’s the fact that his father is sick, so it would easier access to get and forth home if he went to Auburn. They also told him that Auburn was the best place for him offensively.”

Auburn is located 51 miles from Callaway High School, while UGA is 130 miles. Godwin’s sister plays basketball for the Bulldogs.

What’s the latest with between the 5-star and UGA? Godwin had planned to make an unofficial visit on Saturday night, but ran out of time due to his basketball game. Then he contemplated going again on Sunday, but “he changed his mind. He had other plans to go to his grandfather’s house.”

Godwin told the AJC last week that he was “100-percent committed to UGA” but going to reveal his final plans on Wednesday’s signing day. Where do things stand now?

“As of today?” his mother said. “He was a little confused, but I think we talked last night. I think things are clearer for him. And he’s ready for Wednesday. I think he knows now.”

Godwin will pick between UGA and Auburn, along with Alabama.

How about hint? “He’s going to let everybody know on Wednesday at 6 p.m.” his mother said. “But he’s actually going to call the coaches probably on Tuesday night to tell them thanks.”

What’s your Terry Godwin prediction? Please post below.

Note: While Godwin “probably” will call the coaches on Tuesday, everybody else won’t probably know until 6 p.m. Wednesday. As of Sunday, Godwin’s plans are to wait until after his 6 p.m. ceremony to sign and fax in his letter of intent (rather than earlier in the day).




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