UGA’s Top 5 storylines to follow for Monday

As we predicted last week, it’s going to be a wild, wild finish for UGA with its football recruiting by Wednesday’s signing day.

Here are the top five UGA storylines to follow:

  • When is Rico McGraw going to commit? The 4-safety from Nashville, Tenn., de-committed from Alabama last week, and he took an official visit to UGA this weekend. There were reports that McGraw backed off Alabama because they “had no room,” but a source close to the situation told the AJC that Alabama still wants McGraw and wanted to do an in-home visit on Friday night. But he turned it down to visit UGA — where he was expected to commit for a second time to the Bulldogs. There was no news on Sunday night.
  • What will Terry Godwin do? I’ve always thought Godwin was a “lock” to UGA since his sister signed a basketball scholarship with the Bulldogs, but I’m not so sure after reading THIS STORY. What do you think about his mother’s comments? What do you read into that? And what do you think about Gus Malzahn making (not one but TWO) trips to see Godwin on Saturday – while other recruits were making official visits on Auburn’s campus? I’d say TG is a priority.
  • Who will this Auburn-UGA battle? No, this isn’t Terry Godwin, but Darius Slayton. They are in identical situations: Committed to UGA but considering a flip to Auburn. There was one development on the situation on Sunday that you can READ HERE.
  • The best news for UGA over weekend, without a doubt, was THIS STORY.
  • Will this DB who visited UGA this weekend get an offer from the Bulldogs. You can read about by CLICKING HERE. Because if UGA offers, he’s committing. You can assume his offer depends on several other prospects who are committed to the Bulldogs. That includes Godwin, Slayton and DB DeAndre Baker, who is “solid” to UGA but will make his final decision between the Bulldogs and Texas on Wednesday, per’s Ryan Bartow.
  • **Bonus: What’s going on with UGA on the offensive line? The Bulldogs hope to add one or two linemen. Will it be Dunwoody’s Nick Buchanan (committed to Cal)? Or former UGA commit Pat Allen out of Maryland? Or both? Or neither? Allen’s coach told’s Jake Rowe that he’ll decide at 8:45 a.m. Wednesday between UGA, Tennessee, and Ohio State. The Volunteers were supposed to meet with Allen on Friday night, but it didn’t happen, per the website.
UGA's Mark Richt (AJC)

UGA’s Mark Richt (AJC)




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