Why Nick Buchanan signed with Florida over UGA

OL Nick Buchanan

OL Nick Buchanan

This is the final AJC recruiting diary with Dunwoody High School’s Nick Buchanan, who signed with Florida over UGA on Wednesday.

The 6-foot-4, 280-pound offensive lineman committed to Cal last month, but got last-minute offers from UGA and Florida. He visited both SEC schools the last two weeks, and de-committed from Cal a few days ago, setting up Wednesday’s grand finale.

Buchanan shared his thoughts with the AJC:

“When I woke up on signing day, I knew it was Florida in my heart. So I wanted to get things done as soon as possible before I let anybody else influence me on my decision — because I knew it was Florida. I called the Florida coaches, let them know, and faxed in all the paperwork. Then I went to school for a couple of periods, and then I went home to change clothes and get some food. Then we did the ceremony at school, and I picked Florida. That was it. Florida had my papers but they didn’t release it until I announced it. I don’t think many people knew before then, but one of my friends figured it out. He just guessed, and I stumbled over my own words.

“I did talk to (UGA offensive line coach Rob Sale). It was a pretty tough conversation. We only knew each other for a few weeks, but we had a really close relationship. I really wish that we could’ve continued that relationship, but UGA just wasn’t the place for me. He was nothing but supportive. He wanted the best for me. He was cool with me signing with Florida. Of course, he was sad, too. I had to do what I had to do, and he knew.

“It was close, but I knew it was Florida when I woke up. I was by myself, not listening to what everybody else had to say. And I was comfortable with Florida. At the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.

“People around school had mixed reactions. It’s mostly UGA fans, but there are some Florida fans in there. Everybody was like ‘Congrats.’ I’m glad this is over with. It’s a lot of pressure off my back. Recruiting is truly a blessing. Not everybody gets opportunities like this, so I’m thankful.

“Thanks to everybody for letting me share my recruiting experiences over the past week in this diary. I appreciate the support. It really means a lot.”


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