The Dark Side of Recruiting right after signing day

A few days after signing day, you’re seeing a dark side of college football recruiting.

Some college coaches who promised kids the world to get them to sign with their college on Wednesday … well, now that the ink is dry, those coaches are leaving for NFL jobs or for other college jobs.

A Texas football signee isn’t happy that Longshorn defensive line coach Chris Rumph was hired by Florida on Friday:

Rumph replaces Florida’s defensive line coach Terrell Williams, who took a job the day after signing day with the NFL’s Miami Dolphins.

So will some Florida signees be expressing some displeasure about feeling misled by Williams?

5-star CeCe Jefferson was publicly ridiculed because he committed to Florida on ESPN on Wednesday, but declined to sign with the Gators. Prima donna? Jefferson likes the spotlight, but he was holding off because he caught wind of the sneaky coaching moves.

Sounds like a smart kid.

Same thing with Roquan Smith, who delayed signing off with UCLA because of reports that defensive coordinator was going to the Atlanta Falcons.

Do you think this kind of stuff is a little dirty?

This is why I think the early signing period could be a disaster – unless they give the kids an automatic release if the head coach or their position coach changes before the regular February signing period.

And for the kids who have their coach leave AFTER the regular signing day? The right thing to do would be for the colleges to give those kids the option for a release after the kids agreed to meet the new staff.

But are the majority of colleges willing to do the right thing?

What are your thoughts? Please post below.

Will Roquan Smith stick with UCLA? (AP Photo/The Macon Telegraph, Jason Vorhees)

Will Roquan Smith stick with UCLA? (AP Photo/The Macon Telegraph, Jason Vorhees)

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