Top 5 reasons UGA could sign Demetris Robertson

Demetris Robertson (AJC)

Demetris Robertson (AJC)

Could Alabama’s loss be UGA’s gain with Demetris Robertson?

Robertson is the nation’s No. 1-rated athlete from Savannah who de-committed from Alabama on late Friday night.

Here are 5 reasons UGA has a chance for Robertson:

1. He’s no longer committed to Alabama. His older brother, Carlos Robertson, explained why to the AJC: “We sat down, and we figured we’d open it back up. It’s because choosing a school is basically a lifetime decision. He wants to make sure that he’s making the right decision because football doesn’t last forever. He just wants to make sure he doesn’t leave any stones unturned or anything like that. And actually we haven’t really been out to a lot of schools. We don’t even know what a lot of schools have to offer since he committed to Alabama last summer. We thought it would really be helpful to go ahead and open it up now.”

UGA assistant Mike Ekeler  (AJC)

UGA assistant Mike Ekeler (AJC)

2. UGA likes Robertson. Obviously, UGA has made Robertson a priority. How do you know that for sure? Because the Bulldogs dispatched assistant Mike Ekeler to Savannah to see Roberston on last Wednesday – which was the first day of the spring evaluation period for UGA’s coaches. You know you’re a top priority with any college if they go to see you on the first day. There were a lot of places that UGA could’ve sent Ekeler, and certainly places much closer where he could’ve seen more prospects in the surrounding areas. But Ekeler was on the road to Savannah, so obviously UGA feels good about its chances with Robertson or they wouldn’t have wasted the resources.

3. Robertson likes UGA. How do we know that? Because last summer, shortly after Robertson made a pledge to Alabama, he showed up UGA for the Dawg Night prospect camp. Demetris nor his brother are ready to narrow down his leaders, but I did ask Carlos who are some of the top college he is considering. “We’re open to a lot of schools. You’ve got your in-state schools, Tech and Georgia. You’ve got your academic schools, like your Notre Dame and Stanfords of the world. I think Florida State is another school that is sticking it out. And Alabama is still very much in the mix. He loves Coach Saban, Coach Smart and those guys.” I would expect Robertson to try to take most of his official visits this season before committing again. Roberson told the AJC that UGA was No. 2, followed by Florida State at last January’s all-star game.

5-star QB Jacob Eason (AJC/Michael Carvell)

5-star QB Jacob Eason (AJC/Michael Carvell)

4. Is Alabama still the frontrunner? Or maybe a better question is: Is Alabama still even in the competition? Sometimes when a kid de-commits, there may be hard feelings by one or both sides. It doesn’t sound like it went down that way with Robertson and the Crimson Tide’s coaches. How did Alabama take the news? “They were very respectful,” Carlos said. “They took it pretty well. They were like, ‘Hey it’s a decision he has to make.’ And they understand. They have gone through this kind of stuff time after time after time. They have been the business for a while. They know the deal. It wasn’t really shocking to them. It may have a surprised some them a little since he had been committed for so long. But at the end of the day, they respected his wishes.”

5. The Jacob Eason effect. Maybe the biggest thing in UGA’s favor with Robertson is the fact that UGA’s best QB since Matt Stafford is committed to the Bulldogs. Robertson got to see for himself Eason’s cannon for an arm at Dawg Night. I know Robertson is listed as an athlete who could play either side of the ball, but I see him playing receiver. And at some point, elite receivers are going to want to play with Eason. Could Robertson be one of those guys?

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