Mark Richt and Paul Johnson speak on recruiting topic

Mark Richt and Paul Johnson (AJC)

Mark Richt and Paul Johnson (AJC)

Should head coaches be allowed to go on the road and recruit at high schools during the spring evaluation period?

Here’s what the two rival coaches had to say:

UGA’s Mark Richt: “The only way I would want to be back on the road in the springtime is if it became a contact period. I don’t want to be out there and having to avoid contact. It gets a little chaotic anytime a head coach enters a high school.”

Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson: “I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but I also think you’ve got to coach the kids you have in your program. And all the other coaches are gone in the spring. There needs to be somebody here to monitor it, and to be here for the kids who are in the program. You’ve got 110 kids in the program. Maybe with the seniors gone, you’ve got 85 or 90 kids. Well everybody can’t be gone. So I can see both sides … I’m 50-50 on whether the coaches should be on the road in the spring. It could be OK. It used to be that way. I haven’t seen a whole lot of difference (since the rule changed). I think it’s probably better for the team on campus when you’re on a campus. Or somebody at least is back here. Now they’ve changed it where it’s evaluation days, as opposed to seven out at one time. They keep tinkering with it. I think they have it about right, right now.”

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