When will Nigel Warrior visit UGA again?

Nigel Warrior (AJC/Michael Carvell)

Nigel Warrior (AJC/Michael Carvell)

It has been so long since Nigel Warrior has been on UGA’s campus that he’s not so sure when that was.

“It has been awhile,” he told the AJC.

And the safety from Peachtree Ridge High School who is rated as the state’s No. 8 overall prospect is not exactly sure when he’ll go back to UGA.

“I don’t even know,” Warrior said. “It’s crazy because it’s an in-state school, and I can’t really get over there. I have a lot of stuff on my schedule, so it’s hard for me to get anywhere.”

Warrior, the son of former University of Tennessee and NFL defensive back Dale Carter, has other things on his mind these days than recruiting. He has been working at his dad’s football camps, he’s doing 7-on-7 camps with both his high school and an all-star team, he’s going out of town for his little sister’s birthday, and he’s flying to Oregon in a couple of weeks for The Opening all-star combine at Nike headquarters.

“I’m taking my time,” Warrior told the AJC. “I’m going to be making my decision on signing day. But I’m breaking it down. I will have 10 to 15 schools by the beginning of the season. Then in the middle of the season, I’ll have seven or five. Then I will break it down into three before signing day.”

Warrior hasn’t visited UGA or any colleges this summer. If he goes somewhere, he wants to check out LSU and Ohio State.

UGA hasn’t given up on Warrior. The Bulldogs sent a couple of coaches to Peachtree Ridge during the spring to observe him. One of his teammates, fellow defensive back Chad Clay, is committed to UGA.

“The last time I talked to Georgia … who did I talk to? Coach Pruitt?” Warrior said. “I think the last time I talked to him was probably last month. I think it was sometime this month. There wasn’t really anything to talk about. It was just to see what I was doing on the weekends … nothing much.”

What will be the most important factor when Warrior does pick a college? “That I can be myself, and nobody is being fake to me,” he said. “I want to be somewhere where I don’t have to fake being happy. I can be straight forward to everybody. I want great coaches – coaches who are hard on me, but I know that they are there for me to make me better. I want great relationships with teammates, and all that kind of stuff.”

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