Georgia Tech commit Trysten Hill is a 300-pound scuba diver


Trsyten Hill (special)

Trysten Hill (special)

Georgia Tech commit Trysten Hill knows three things: football, video games and … scuba diving.

The 6-foot-2, 297-pound kid somehow fits into fins and a wetsuit every summer on family trips to Key West, Fla., to get another certification in scuba diving.

“I wear a size 15 shoe and have huge hands,” Hill told the AJC. “God willing, I still hope I grow up and get taller because that’s a huge part in football.”

The Live Oak, Fla., native is always working on accomplishing his personal goals – whether he’s in the water, on the football field or in the classroom. It’s one of the main reasons why the 16-year old is choosing to start college classes early at Tech in January.

“I don’t mean to brag or boast, but I want to be ahead of everybody,” Hill said. “I know spring ball can do that. Staying in Live Oak and not working toward my goals doesn’t help me. Enrolling early also helps me play football for the university I feel a part of.”

The Suwannee High School standout projects to play offensive guard when he gets to Tech.

Trysten Hill Special 41324

Hill (right)

Here are the rest of the five things you need to know about Hill:

1) Dominated summer camp: “Last time I went to Georgia Tech was June 19. I went to one of their prospect camps. The great thing about that camp was that we wore pads. One thing about padded camps is I’m able to really get after those guys that are 6-foot-5 and 6-foot-6 with me being 6-foot-2. In that camp I was at, I was going up against some top linemen that had good scholarship offers and I only lost one or two of those 1-on-1s just because of mental mistakes.”

2) Canceled SEC visit: “I went to Florida a week after I went to Georgia Tech. July 19 was when I was supposed to go to Kentucky. I canceled that visit, though. The way Georgia Tech recruits is … they like to seal the deal. And what happened with me, is I told them I would commit and they offered. That’s how I got (committed).”

3) Willing to play wherever needed. Hill plays offensive tackle for his high school right now because he’s faster than most of the defensive ends he faces, but he thinks he can succeed at the guard position in college. “I’m happy playing offensive guard in college because I know I can get out on linebackers and dominate that position.”

4) Admires Tech’s loyalty: “The fact that Georgia Tech keeps paying for my schooling even if I get hurt is a huge deciding factor for me. God forbid I get hurt, I still have my education and what that means to me and my family is that Georgia Tech really cares about me. I think they’re the right school for me. Other schools just care about winning games, and Georgia Tech still does that, but they’re also a great academic school. I’m using football as a tool for my education.”

5) High expectations for Tech this season. “I’m looking for another bowl game win this season. I think we’re going to go 12-2 this year. Actually, hold up. We’re going 14-0, not 12-2. That’s my prediction,” he laughed.

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