4-star LB Jaleel Laguins addresses the UGA rumor

Jaleel Laguins by Michael Carvell DSC_9513 - Version 2

Jaleel Laguins (Michael Carvell/AJC)

Jaleel Laguins isn’t ready to announce his college decision.

But if the 4-star linebacker from Oconee County ended his recruitment ended today, he would be a Bulldog.

Laguins told the AJC that UGA is his leader, followed by Auburn and Tennessee.

“I’ve been born and raised a Georgia boy,” Laguins said. “They’ve been recruiting me so hard. Just being there (at UGA), I love their campus – not to say Auburn and Tennessee don’t have beautiful campuses – but I have constantly heard from Georgia at least once a week on a consistent basis.”

Here are five things you need to know about Laguins:

1) UGA rumors. Rumors have been swirling that Laguins was going to commit at UGA’s “Dawg Night” prospect camp on July 18. That’s not the case. “I’m not going to commit at Dawg Night. After talking to my family, it’s just one of those things I want to do at my high school. I want to do it the old-school way. I’m going to have three hats on the table – the same way it has been done for like the past 15 years. I like that way a lot … I want my mom and dad by my side when I do that. I’m going to commit in August – possibly before the start of my high school season.”

2) Top UGA target. How big of a priority is the state’s 20th ranked prospect to UGA? “I think I’m pretty highly ranked on their board just based on how hard they are recruiting me. You don’t constantly hit up a recruit at least once a week if you aren’t highly ranked on their board. It definitely makes me feel welcomed before I even get there.”

3) UGA’s competition. Despite growing up a UGA fan, is it likely that he chooses either Auburn or Tennessee? “It’s very possible. I am a Georgia boy, but it’s business at the next level. I want to go somewhere that’s going to have the best sales pitch and when I clock in every day at this business, I know sooner or later that I’m going to get to the goals and destinations I want to get to.”

4) Other visits? “All of my visits are not completely set in stone except for Dawg Night. I live 15 minutes from Georgia, so I can go there whenever. It’s just a hassle to go to other schools because my mom has to take off work and we need to have gas money ready to go. There have been some times where I have just hopped in my car and drove to Georgia because I was bored. I live that close to Georgia.”

5) What’s it going to take for Auburn or Tennessee to leapfrog UGA for his No. 1 spot? “Maybe another visit to each school. A good sit down and talk with the head coach could possibly move them up to the No. 1 spot.”

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