Could the three sons of a UGA legacy play for the Bulldogs?

The Hunter family might  wind up seeing their three sons play in college. (Special)

The Hunter family might wind up seeing their three sons play in college. (Special)

Jaden Hunter is one of three brothers who could follow in the family tradition and play college football like their late father, former UGA star Brice Hunter.

Jaden is a 4-star prospect at Westlake High School with several SEC offers, including UGA. He told the AJC recently that Alabama was his leader, followed by LSU and then UGA. The middle brother is Chase, who already stands over six feet tall as a high school freshman. Chase is considered one of the top basketball prospects in the state of Georgia for his age group. He plays basketball and football at Westlake.

“He’s (Chase) just going to the ninth grade and he’s going to be a star,” Jaden said.

The youngest brother is, Dillon, who will enter the seventh grade next month, and has a promising future in both basketball and football.

“Their sports and those boys are the story of my life,” said the boys’ mother, Brandi Hunter.

“It is a juggling act and it is by the grace of God that I manage to do it all. There’s never a dull moment and we are always moving. I couldn’t ask for a better situation because I truly enjoy watching them all compete. I live for it.”

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Could all three brothers end up playing sports at UGA? Jaden has a football offer from the Bulldogs. Brice Hunter’s other son, Tyler, is a starting safety going into his senior year at Florida State.  Brandi considers all the boys to be her sons, she said.

It’s way too soon to know how Jaden’s younger brothers will pan out as prospects, but the mother likes the idea.

“As much as I would love for my son to be a legacy and continue his college dream of playing football at the University of Georgia it is going to be the best fit for Jaden,” said Brandi, who starred in basketball at UGA. “If that’s not Georgia, it would break my heart but I have to support him and whatever decision is best for him.

Jaden Hunter is a rising junior and a four-star prospect at LB. (Michael Carvell / AJC)

Jaden Hunter is a rising junior and a four-star prospect at LB. (Michael Carvell / AJC)

“I am going to have an open mind because I remember if somebody steered me toward a direction that wasn’t what my heart felt was the right place and the right connection for me at another school. I wouldn’t want him to feel obligated to do something because of an expectation or because my parents went there. He has to do what’s best for him.

“I’m praying that it is Georgia, but in the end it may be another school.”

The boys have structured lives with regular chores. Jaden had extra duties last week while one of his younger brothers was away on a basketball trip. That meant that he’s on dish duty plus mopping and sweeping detail.

Those kitchen helpers could all be college athletes one day. That’s a safe projection given how their parents were core members of their respective teams in the SEC at UGA. Brandi played on two SEC title teams for Andy Landers at UGA and reached the Final Four two times. She’s one of the career blocked shot leaders at UGA.

“It would make my day if my sons ended up being Bulldogs,” Brandi Hunter said. “To be able to support my sons at my alma mater would just be a dream come true. Aw, man. But I am going to be a proud Mother any way. If that means I have to put on a different school’s colors and support them in college in a different uniform I will be a cheering proud Mom either way.”

She likes the odds of seeing at least one of her sons in Athens.

“I’ve got three sons so that means I’ve got three chances to send one of them to UGA,” she said. “The chances of at least one of them going to Georgia are pretty good.”



Could the three sons of a UGA legacy play for the Bulldogs? 

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