What are UGA’s chances of making Elijah Holyfield’s top five?

Elijah Holyfield by Rob Saye Dawg md4123

Elijah Holyfield (Rob Saye/AJC)

Elijah Holyfield is set to release his top five schools tomorrow.

Holyfield, a 4-star running back from Woodward Academy, was recently told by UGA that he is the No. 1 priority in the backfield. So will the Bulldogs make the cut?

“We’re going to put it at 50-50,” he laughed.

What’s it going to take for a school to make the 5-foot-10, 204-pounder’s list?

“More than anything, just some places I have been to a couple of times and got a really good feel for,” Holyfield said. “I was holding on to Oregon and USC for a little bit, but I kind of let them go because I didn’t get a chance to get out there in time before my decision.

“I want to go to a place more than a couple of times before I commit and I want to go to a place where I feel comfortable. Some of those places were very far from home and I didn’t get a chance to go to them.”

With USC and Oregon out of the picture, that leaves UGA, Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Miami, Louisville and Notre Dame on his original top 10 list.

For the schools fortunate enough to make Holyfield’s final five, a college will have to show him that it has what it takes to help reach his ultimate dream — the NFL.

“These schools have coaches that can get me to the next level and the programs are really good,” he said. “I feel like I can compete at a high level every year and have a good chance of making it to the NFL and win a national championship and conference championship every year. All of these schools offer me that.”

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