Did UGA make Elijah Holyfield’s top five?


Elijah Holyfield (Rob Saye/AJC)

Elijah Holyfield at Dawg Night (Rob Saye/AJC)

Elijah Holyfield released his top five schools, and UGA did make the cut. Holyfield joked on Wednesday that UGA had a 50-50 shot at making his final cut, but fortunately for the Bulldogs, they were on the good side of that 50 percent.

The 5-foot-10, 204-pounder recently told the AJC that UGA coaches have let him know he is the No. 1 priority at running back.

Holyfield, a 4-star running back from Woodward Academy, also listed (in no order) Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee and South Carolina as his favorite colleges.

The son of boxing legend Evander Holyfield spoke with the AJC on why he chose the five schools he did.

On UGA: “Georgia has the in-state factor going for them. I really enjoy playing with some of the players that I have gotten to know pretty well. (Running backs coach Thomas) Brown has also been a really big influence on me.”

Elijah Holyfield (AJC)

Elijah Holyfield (Michael Carvell/AJC)

On Auburn: “”It’s a home away from home. I have been there multiple times and their players are really cool. It also helps that it’s really close to home. I really enjoy going there. Every time I am there, it’s like family.”

On Tennessee: “(Running backs coach Robert) Gillespie has been one of my favorite recruiters throughout this process and he’s a really great guy. I really enjoy it up there.”

On Alabama: “More than anything, it’s just the Alabama thing. The tradition they have at running backs and winning national championships is great.”

On South Carolina: “I had two teammates that play for South Carolina (Terry Googer and Benji Russell) and I got to hear a lot from their side and hang out with them while I was there and it’s really cool there.

For the schools fortunate enough to make Holyfield’s final five, a college will have to show him that it has what it takes to help reach his ultimate dream — the NFL.

“These schools have coaches that can get me to the next level and the programs are really good,” he said. “I feel like I can compete at a high level every year and have a good chance of making it to the NFL and win a national championship and conference championship every year. All of these schools offer me that.”

Holyfield does not have a leader at this time and he will announce his commitment at his high school on Sept. 4.

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