Jacob Eason’s father recruited Charlie Woerner for UGA

Two UGA commits, Charlie Woerner (left) and Jacob Eason (AJC)

Two UGA commits, Charlie Woerner (left) and Jacob Eason (AJC)

Jacob Eason’s father went on the recruiting trail for UGA this week.

While the 5-star quarterback was busy hanging out with UGA commits and high-value targets such as FSU commit Isaac Nauta during his trip, Eason’s father headed up to North Georgia.

Tony Eason drove up to Rabun County last Sunday to spend time with the father of Charlie Woerner, the father of the 4-star receiver who committed to UGA on Thursday. Charlie had already decided last week to pledge to the Bulldogs, but the meeting of the fathers certainly didn’t hurt.

“It was just the two dads,” Kent Woerner told the AJC. “Jacob was gone, and Charlie was gone. He hollered at me. He came up here on Sunday, and I took him around and showed him around Rabun County. We got a bite to eat. I showed him the high school, and some of the mountain tops that we have here. I told him ‘I know these mountain tops don’t compare with what you have in Washington.’

Father Kent Woerner by Michael Carvell DSC_1139

Kent Woerner (Michael Carvell/AJC)

How did Eason’s visit make Woerner feel about UGA? “Tony has always made me feel comfortable,” Kent said. “He’s a great guy. I’ve always felt comfortable about Charlie going to Georgia, if that’s what Charlie wanted to do. I’ve always felt that way. I feel even better with Jacob there.”

The two fathers had been talking over the phone and exchanging text messages for months. Their sons met for the first time at last Saturday’s Dawg Night. Charlie said Jacob didn’t have much of an influence on his decision, but he’s excited about playing together.

“I had my mind made up and I was just ready to commit,” Charlie told the AJC. “He’s (Eason) a good guy and a great quarterback, but it didn’t affect my decision because I already had my mind made up. It definitely does help having him go there.”

The 6-foot-5, 230-pound Woerner can play both receiver and tight end. UGA coaches haven’t told him which position he will play between the hedges, but Woerner does have a preference.

“I would like to play receiver, but I could see myself playing receiver or tight end,” he said.

DSC_2106 Tony Eason by Michael Carvell

Tony Eason (Michael Carvell/AJC)

After keeping it a secret for a week, Woerner informed UGA’s Mark Richt on Thursday.

“When I called coach Richt, he was really excited and told me he couldn’t wait to be my coach,” he said. “He is super excited that I’m coming to Georgia.“

Even though Woerner always seemed like a “lock” to go to UGA because of his family connection (uncle played for Bulldogs), he claimed it wasn’t an easy decision.

“Alabama and Oregon were really close,” he said. “They were near the top with Georgia, but I just didn’t want to be far away from my family and I’ve always been a Georgia fan. I like everything that is going on with them, and I didn’t want to go anywhere else.”

Woerner is UGA’s third wide receiver commit – and second this week – as Mays’ Randrecous Davis committed on Monday and Houston County’s Darion Anderson pledged back in March.