Georgia Tech commit: ‘I’m as solid as solid can be’

Jarett Cole Norcoss by Jeff Sentell

Norcross 3-star safety Jarett Cole should be considered the definition of a solid commit to Georgia Tech right now. (Jeff Sentell / AJC)

Norcross safety Jarett Cole committed to Georgia Tech this summer. The 3-star safety is rated the No. 44 prospect at his position for the Class of 2016.

He sounds like nothing will sway him from becoming a heck of an engineer.

“I’m solid, man,” Cole told the AJC. “I’m as solid as solid can be. Super solid. I’d be more than 100 percent solid if that was possible.”

He said that Kansas State and West Virginia still continue to recruit him, but that the only visits (official or unofficial) he will take will be to Georgia Tech.

Cole is excited to see what the Yellow Jackets can do this fall. He’s planning to be at most home games to help sell the program to other recruits.

“We’re ranked like No. 16 in the country right now,” Cole said. “We’re winning games and are projected to be at the top of the ACC on our side. We’ve got a real good team and a great program. There’s a lot of good stuff to look forward to with Georgia Tech.”

Cole said other schools cannot compare to the X-factor: That’s a Georgia Tech degree.

“The education at Georgia Tech is off the charts,” he said. “If things don’t work out for you in the NFL football-wise, then you will still make six figures every year thanks to that degree. And then they are no slouches with football either. They have been to 19 straight bowl games. I don’t know of any team that has also gone to 19 straight bowl games. We also play in a legit conference. The ACC is a legit Power 5 conference.”

Cole said he will make sure his Norcross teammate Robert Beal knows about all Georgia Tech and everything it has to offer. Beal is an elite 2017 defensive end prospect.

“That’s my dude right there, but he has to make his own decision,” Cole said. “I’m not going to pressure him to play anywhere, but I can do my best to persuade him to think about Georgia Tech.”

He said that Georgia Tech has recruited him to be in the secondary at multiple positions in the defense’s nickel and dime formations.

The Yellow Jackets currently have nine commitments for the Class of 2016.


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