Indiana-bound DE not into the recruiting rankings

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Allen Cater (Michael Carvell)

Allen Cater (Michael Carvell)

Telling 3-star defensive end Allen Cater from Mt. Paran Christian School what he can’t do is the best way to motivate the Indiana University commit to not only meet expectations, but to surpass them.

“I don’t like when I’m told I can’t do something, because then I’m going to strive to do it to prove people wrong,” Cater told the AJC.

The 6-foot-5, 245-pounder has no interest in what others rank him or whomever he lines up against. He doesn’t believe the recruiting ratings are always an accurate depiction of himself or other athletes.

“I’m going to play like I’m a 5-star or a 6-star, or whatever the highest rating is,” Cater said. “I’m not going to limit my ability to just a 3-star player.”

Playing for a Big Ten school is the type of challenge that Cater gets excited about. Out of his 16 offers, Cater had cut his choices down to Indiana and Ga. Southern.

“I was pretty high on them (Georgia Southern),” he said. “I think I wanted to be on a bigger platform than just the Sun Belt (Conference).

Not only was playing at a bigger conference a major selling point for Indiana, but the coaches impressed Cater with their approach to his recruitment. Cater felt that Indiana was one of the schools that “did it right.”

“Indiana defensive coordinator Brian Knorr was just staring at me like I was the hottest girl in the school or something,” Cater said. “But he never talked to me and I kind of found it interesting with them being on such a high level that schools like them still followed rules.”

Cater plans on visiting again during his bye week to watch the Hoosiers face the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Here are five things you should know about Cater:

1) What impressed you about Indiana: “I’m pretty sold on Indiana right now… Talking with the coaches and being with the players, everybody held each other accountable. Seems like Indiana and everybody up there is trying to get on track and try to get to a bowl game this year.”
How did your recruiting process get started: “It started off really slow my junior year. I only had one offer that whole season. Once the season got out, I ended up playing in this all-star game which pretty much kicked it off for me. I ended up picking up 15 offers after that game.”

2) How do you think you did in your junior all-star game? “To be honest, I went into that game thinking that I was the best and I wasn’t going to let anybody tell me I wasn’t. For me it was a proving point because I feel like a lot of people still underrate me, and I’m not mad at it because it helps motivate me to keep going to prove people wrong… I am capable of playing with guys with different classifications and those four and five star recruits that everybody speaks so high of.”

3) Have you met anyone famous: “I’m going to have to say (UGA linebacker)Lorenzo Carter. I met him at one of the Georgia spring games. I sat down by him, talked to him. This was when I was going into learning a little more about the recruiting life and how it goes. What were his ups and downs. Things that I want to take away from what he did. How was his work ethic and things like that. I look up to him to be honest.”

4) Why not UGA: “They didn’t offer me. They showed a lot of interest in me. Coach wanted me to come to camp. I know he didn’t say it, but what I got from them was they weren’t really sure if I could play with the ‘big boys’ and I like it to be honest. I’m happy… I didn’t go to camp. I didn’t feel like I needed to. Had I went to camp they probably would’ve offered, but at the same time…I’m a beast, I’m a baller and I’m going to get after it no matter where I’m at.”

5) What’s your hidden talent: I’ve been playing the drums since I was two. I’m really big on music. I actually just got off the drums, I was playing for about an hour or so. I love playing the drums. I taught myself how to do that… Now that I know how to play the drums, I play for my church (Walking By Faith Ministries). My dad is a pastor. He’s been doing that for seven maybe nine years. I’ve been playing at my church for a long time.”

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